The association

The Association aims to federate and group together the winegrowers of the Old World who cultivate ungrafted vineyards, without rootstocks to protect them from phylloxera. The goal is to protect and transmit the age-old know-how of growing indigenous and ungrafted grape varieties on the terroirs where they were born.

The challenge is twofold: on the one hand, the preservation of 8,000 years of cultural heritage, and on the other hand, the protection of agrobiological biodiversity with the re-establishment of ancient grape varieties in balanced ecosystems. By saving the old, ungrafted vines of these grape varieties, or by replanting these indigenous varieties without grafting, it is the taste of wine in its diversity and authenticity that is preserved.

The Association also aims to create a European label to certify wines made from ungrafted vineyards that respect the local know-how and ecosystem with indigenous grape varieties. This label will be managed following the recommendations of a Scientific Council.

The Association has also set itself the objective of registering the know-how and traditions linked to the cultivation of ungrafted vines as part of UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage. Several European countries have already confirmed their interest in being part of the process.

To join the Association as a member and become part of an international network of winegrowers and wine lovers, go to write to to find out how to join.