It is the holy grail of viticulture.

A label which certifies that the wines come from free-standing vines on the terroirs which saw the birth of these grape varieties.

A word from the president

Loic Pasquet, owner of Domaine Liber Pater, President of the Association “Francs de Pied : Heritage

Our main objective is to bring together all the producers who are cultivating ungrafted vines, with native grape varieties in their place of origin. We will protect and pass on a centuries-old know-how, while respecting biodiversity with the replanting of old grape varieties in a balanced ecosystem. By saving these grape varieties, it is the taste in its diversity and its authenticity that is preserved.

The Association also aims to create and manage the Francs de Pied brand to distinguish and certify wines from the cultivation of ungrafted vines and respecting the know-how and the local ecosystem. This brand will allow the supervision, the traceability, and the fair valuation of these wines. The singularity of those wines, the nose and the finesse of the texture in the mouth are all the elements that make those wines unique and exceptional.

Finally, we have the objective of registering the know-how and traditions linked to the cultivation of ungrafted vines in the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO.

We bring together the Franc de Pied winegrowers but also their ambassadors, wine lovers. It is with their support and their passion that our objectives will be achievable.